Introducing a new Home on Mobile! 🏡

What’s New ✨

  • The ‘Me’ and ‘Dashboard’ tabs have merged to become the new ‘Home’ for both managers and employees, with information about shifts and business all under one roof.
  • Surfacing the right information at the right time and streamlining the experience to get to what matters:

    • Your next shift and available shifts
    • Items that require your action or approval
  • A brand new clock-in experience helps speed up the process of clocking in and clocking out

  • The new head-burger, designed as an avatar on the top left corner of the Home screen can be used to edit your profile, switch businesses, get help, and do much more.

Why? 🤔

The ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Me’ tab used to house similar information – items that require action or attention. Previously, users had to shuttle between the two to understand the business needs fully, and this merge will help streamline the overall mobile app experience for both managers and employees whilst introducing a brand-new ‘Timesheets’ tab.

How to use it

This improvement is now progressively rolling out on both the Deputy iOS and Android apps. Make sure you're always updating your Deputy app to the latest version.

Got feedback to share? Go to Deputy > Help > Give us feedback