An improved Timesheets experience on mobile 🕰️

What’s New ✨

  • Timesheets now have their own tab on the mobile app, making it easier for managers to approve and for your team to view and submit timesheets!
  • Managers can now view all key information needed for approval, including warnings for time and break variances from what was scheduled, when clock in was too far from locations and shift photos not matching your team’s profile, to name a few.
  • Tapping the date or profile photos means you can also approve timesheets in bulk
  • For team members, the Timesheets tab will show their own timesheets.

    Manager View

                                                      Manager View                                                      

Bulk Approval

Team member view

Why? 🤔

Timesheet approval is one of the most used features by managers on the mobile app, yet it wasn’t easy to find. By merging the Dashboard & Me tabs and introducing a dedicated Timesheets tab, you’re in for an easy, on-the-go timesheet approval experience.

How to use it

This improvement is now rolling out progressively on both the Deputy iOS and Android apps. Make sure you're always updating your Deputy app to the latest version.

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