Payroll ID at your fingertips 🔢

What's new ✨

We know many of our customers assign Payroll IDs to team members for payroll and identification purposes. 

You can now do more with Payroll IDs by:

🔍 Searching for a team member by Payroll ID on the People tab

📄 Running the Timesheet Report on Report Builder

Payroll ID now automatically populates next to each team member's name. 

You can also add Payroll IDs to other reports in the Report Builder such as the Schedule Report. Simply drag and drop the Payroll ID field from All Fields > Employee.

Feedback 🤓

Got feedback to share? Go to Deputy > Help > Give us feedback

A new experience of adding team members on the iOS app

What's new ✨

We've rebuilt the experience of adding team members on mobile - especially making it easy to set a team member's access level and default location straight away when adding them.

You can also now choose to send an email invitation to your team member right away or leave that for later when you've already set up your business in Deputy.

How to use it 🤓

Simply navigate to the People tab on mobile, tap on the Plus button on the top right corner and tap Add team member. If you want to add multiple people at once, tap Add another after adding each team member to easily add another person.

Click here to learn more about adding people and other actions you can do on mobile as a manager.

Got feedback to share on this feature? Let us know here.

How to get it 🧪

This feature is being rolled out to all users of the Deputy iOS app this week. The same experience will be introduced to the Android app later this month.

The all new bulk import

What's new  

We have completely rebuilt the bulk import tool, which will allow you to import and/or update employee data and pay rates into Deputy from CSV.

You are now able to import -

  • Employee/team member data, along with pay rates
  • Training modules

Why 👈 

We heard from many customers about challenges in importing data into Deputy. 

The new bulk import has many capabilities -

  • Upsert - Insert new data and update existing data in single import operation
  • Validations - Validate data (example - valid location or stress profile) before importing
  • In-place editor - Correct errors directly in editor (no need to download, correct and re-upload)
  • Export - Export all existing data so that you can edit and re-import (Bulk updates are easy now!)
  • Sample Import templates
  • Bulk Import History - Review previous imports

How to use it 🎯 

On the People tab, click Add People and then Bulk Import/Update.

Select the type of data you want to import viz. Employee/ Team member or Training.

If you want to update a large number of existing employees, you can export/download -> update -> re-import data. Export file format matches import format.

Please refer to the help guide for detailed information.

How to get it 🙋 

Bulk import for Employee/Team members and training is available to all customers.

Bulk import for pay rates is in beta and will be available in coming weeks. If you are interested in exclusive beta access, please let us know here.

What's coming next 🏆 

We will continue to add more data types to bulk import in coming months - 

  • Enterprise employment term assignments
  • Timesheet/Roster 
  • Sales Data 
  • Location/Areas 
  • Leave Balances 

Check your Raw Metric Data in Business Insights Summary

What's new ✨

Deputy introduced a new Raw Data Viewer in Business Insights Summary that will enable managers to self-serve by checking you own raw metric data of Sales, Budget or any custom metric for selected Area week by week in a centralized place.

Why 🤔

We have improved the performance of loading your raw data much faster than the legacy sales data App which is only visible for Enterprise customers.  With the new Raw Data Viewer in Business Insights, all Deputy customers(regardless you are in Enterprise or Premium product) can loop through your own raw data and verify if your Sales Integration is working properly.

How to use it 🤓

You can access the Raw Data Viewer by simply opening up the Business Insights -> Summary, and click on "Metrics"

A new web-based Time Clock ⏱

What's new ✨

We rebuilt our web time clock from the ground up to bring you an easier way for your team to clock in and out.

This new Time Clock can run in a browser on any device, including your workplace tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Time Clock home

Clocking in

Why 🤔

We found that some of our customers used devices that did not support running our iOS Kiosk or Android Time Clock apps and resorted to using our legacy Web Kiosk which did not support all of Deputy's latest features.

Some of our customers had staff that did not own smartphones or did not have accessible internet access at their place of work.

The new Web Time Clock is a great, lightweight alternative for these businesses as well as businesses who do not want to purchase additional hardware like tablets.

For those using the existing legacy Web Kiosk you will notice the new Web Time Clock:

  • has a new consistent design with the rest of Deputy
  • has a smart team member list for faster clock-ins (not in Beta version but coming soon)
  • will support shift questions (not in Beta version but coming soon)
  • will support photo capture on clock in and out (not in Beta version but coming soon)
  • will support showing team members from all your locations

How to use it 🤓

We'll have a help doc on how to use the new Web Time Clock soon, in the meantime here are some things you should know about the new Web Time Clock:

  • as a manager, you'll be able to launch it directly from our website once you've logged in (no more hidden links)
  • it supports all the Deputy clock in and out features except for Shift Pulse 
  • it requires internet access and does not work offline

Got feedback to share? Go to Deputy > Help > Give us feedback

How to get it 🧪

This feature is still in BETA but available to try:

If you're already using the legacy Web Kiosk, simply PIN in and tap the "Update to the new Time Clock" banner at the top. If you need more help, follow these instructions.

If you've not used our legacy Web Kiosk before, follow the steps on this page to set up the Kiosk. Then switch to the new Time Clock as shown above.  

Note: the current BETA version of the Web Time Clock will not have support for the following:

  • shift questions
  • the ability to edit timesheets before submitting
  • photo capture on clock in and out

New API Documentation Launched

What's new ✨

Third-party developer integrations continue to be an integral part of the Deputy ecosystem and providing clear, concise documentation to work with is key to these partnerships and developer success.

With this in mind, we've just launched our brand new API documentation site which can be found here. On the site, you will find a wide array of documentation to help you build an integration with Deputy such as:

  • Help Guides - Use-case-based guides take you through some of the most common integration use cases (such as retrieving timesheets) from A to Z.
  • Specific Industry Guides - Payroll, HR or POS app developer? We've got specific summary pages with the most important info for you to know.
  • Code Walkthroughs - Line-by-line code walkthroughs of some of our most popular endpoints.
  • Every element documented - Every element of the Deputy API system is documented
  • POSTMAN collection - We've released an official Deputy POSTMAN collection for you to download
  • API Reference - A full API reference of each endpoint is available including the ability to connect to the API directly from the documentation.

Why 🤔

This represents the first step in a list of many improvements we are planning to make to make integrating with Deputy even easier.

Documentation is a core cog in the API ecosystem as well. In a recent POSTMAN survey, documentation was just behind reliability, performance and security in importance for what matters most to developers when determining whether to build an integration. We understand that giving you the tools to self-serve during any development is critical to your integration success.

How to use it 🤓

Click here to open the docs. It's globally accessible now so please do have a look.

Got feedback to share? Email our team at or if you think a document needs updating, you can even suggest an edit directly from within the documentation. Just click this button which is shown on every page

We're super excited to launch these new API docs and other improvements we have in the pipeline. We can't wait to see what you build with them. As always if you have any feedback or need some help, our friendly API support team can be reached at If you would like to discuss your Deputy integration with our partner team, they can be reached at

Read the Docs!

Pay Comparison Report

What's new ✨

Have you ever wanted to reconcile what your team has been paid with what they would have earned on an industrial award? The Pay Comparison report allows you to do this! 

This report takes your employees recorded time (via our timesheets), and recalculates them according to any of our industrial awards or your custom terms.

Why 🤔

More and more legislation is requiring businesses to ensure their employees are 'better off' on their respective agreements and salaries than they would be compared to an individual award - this report gives businesses another tool to help determine if they are compliant.

How to use it 🤓

You can find the Pay Comparison Report in your reports section!

Simply enter your parameters and click Create:
Your report will generate in the background and you'll receive an email when its done - just click download to get it in Excel format!

Click here to read more about how to use it

What's coming soon

This feature is still in BETA & still in active development. Look out in the coming weeks for:

  • Defined outer limits - calculate when your employees have gone over specified amounts of overtime and penalties each pay period
  • Reporting by pay period - for easier viewing
  • More filters - to break down your employee groups even more.

Export onboarding details to CSV

What’s new ✨

Have you onboarded a new staff member using Deputy’s Employee Onboarding feature and wanted to extract the data? Now, you can export their onboarding details to CSV.

You can export the following onboarding information

  • Personal details
  • Banking details
  • Tax details
  • Super fund choice (AU only)
  • Right to work (UK only)

How to use it 🤓

Go to the Employee Onboarding settings > Export > then filter and search based on the required location and date range. Then click Export - It's that easy!

Click here to read more about how to use it.

Why  🤓

We know that getting your new employees data out of Deputy and into other systems such as Payroll is a critical step in streamlining the Employee Onboarding process end to end.
Now you can reduce manual data entry and export > import new employees information within seconds.

Enterprise Accounts - Schedule Upgrades

Upgraded Week / 2 Week / 4 Week / Month Employee and Area Views

A ground up rebuild of the week, 2 week, 4 week and month employee and area view schedule pages has been carried out this year and is nearly ready to roll out to your enterprise accounts. 

Whilst this might look similar to the schedule you know and love apart from some minor UI enhancements - this upgrade comes with a number of new features and major underlying improvements along side the new technology working behind the scenes to power a faster, more reliable Deputy experience. 

Employee Views

New Employee Views

 New Area Views


Area Views - Time Off

See your team availability at a glance without leaving the schedule.

Previously to see staff member availability you had to either use the employee view or leave the schedule to view a staff members profile.

At the top of Week and 2 Week Area Views, all staff leave and availability is visible to make it even faster to know who’s available to be schedule on to work. 

Area Views - Staff Coverage

The quickest way to know if you have gaps in your schedule for each of your core areas. 

  1. Enable the staff coverage feature from the insights panel

  2. Click on the new staff coverage section above each day within an area and set how many staff you require
  3. Any days with not enough staff will be visually highlighted for action

Employee Views - Stacked Cards

2 shifts for an employee + 1 unavailability

Multiple shift items will stack together and overlap so you can easily see multiple items at a glance without needing to drill down further to see what they are. All items that you are used to seeing on your schedule fit into these stacks, from leave and unavailability through to allocated shifts. 

Employee Views - Shift Popovers

Simplified popovers to view all shift items on a specific day for employee mean a much more integrated experience. This allows you to more seamlessly drag and drop shifts meaning you can schedule faster and more easily.

Performance & Future Scalability

The major driver has been to rebuild the Deputy schedule with the latest and fit for purpose technologies beneath the hood. This allows us to focus on 2 main areas:

Ongoing Schedule Performance - Deputy has grown to millions of shift workers clocking in every day thanks to businesses like yours growing operations along side the deputy platform. To cater for this growth, we’ve completely changed the technology we use to display the schedule which will allow us to offer some immediate performance improvements but also sets us up for improvements into the future which is an ongoing focus for us.

New Features - By using the most up to date technology it allows us to more reliably and better tackle new features that have been requested to help redefine workforce management and scheduling such as agreed hours

Get in Touch

If you'd like this in your sandbox accounts, early access or just have questions please just get in touch with either your customer success manager or raise a support ticket and we'll get things underway. 

Pay rate mapping with ADP Workforce Now

What's new ✨

  • Pay Rate Sync - Map your ADP Workforce Now worker types to Deputy pay rates for employee creation.

Why 🤔

We've had some feedback from early adopters of the updated ADP Workforce Now people sync that worker type pay rate mapping would be a great feature to add and a big time saver when adding employees to Deputy.

How to use it 🤓

Click here to read how to use the new worker type pay rate mapping.

Got feedback to share? Go to Deputy > Help > Give us feedback

How to get it 🧪

This feature is still in BETA & will roll out to all accounts over the coming weeks.

If you are interested in joining our exclusive BETA program for this, please register your interest by hitting 'Get me in'.

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