COVID-19 Return to Work - Reports

What's new

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, these reports aim to alleviate business stresses around the need to quickly adapt to new health & safety procedures. 

The following two reports are now available for all customers:

  1. Shift Questions - Employee Responses report 📒
  2. Contact Tracing report 👩🏽‍⚕️

Businesses are still operating in high-risk environments so there’s a need to have traceability & audit of employee contact and their health conditions.


Shift Questions - Employee Responses report
  • A report that clearly displays all the employee responses to the Shift Questions that were asked when on shift.

Contact Tracing report
  • Easily trace who your unwell employee has been in contact with during their shift
  • 3 quick filters that help you determine the impact radius by business, location or area
  • Get in touch quickly with the potentially impacted employees with their phone numbers and emails clearly listed


  • Shift Questions - Employee Responses report - Report Builder for all accounts
  • Contact Tracing report - Reports tab there’s a new report widget for non-enterprise. For Enterprise it will be listed as a new report in ‘Reports > Miscellaneous’ section.

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