Shift Questions

Whats New?
Employers can now ask Custom Questions on Clock In.

There are a variety of reasons you may require an employee to record information at the start of their shift. This feature will allow you to:

  • Keep the workplace healthy - prior to each shift worked, employers are able to record a response to whether an employee is experiencing COVID symptoms to protect them from the liability of having employees exposed to the virus.
  • Attest why an employee may be late - configure a question which employees must attest to in the scenario where there is worked time which is in variation to their rostered time, the attestation (or lack thereof) drives payment known as predictability pay.
  • Protocol checks - do you have the right tools or uniform for the job, did you follow the correct procedures required to start your job

How does it work?
We have added the ability to configure a custom timesheet field so that the questions can appear on

  • clock on
  • clock off
  • during shift
In addition, we have also introduced the ability to block clocking into a shift and/or notify a manager depending on an employee’s response. This will enable you to have a workflow in place for an employee clocking in if they are breaching policy (e.g fever, sick, etc). Blocking and notifying upon clock in is compatible with the true/false field types.

Read more on How to set up Shift Questions in our help guide.

What else do I need to do?
The following mobile and tablet app versions are compatible with this feature (please update to the latest version)

Kiosk - 4.5.3 and later
Android Time Clock 0.4.0 and later
iOS - 7.7.6 and later
Android - 7.3.2 and later

Feedback? Log into Deputy on web and Give us feedback on how we can make this feature better for you.