You can now add your pronoun information within Deputy! πŸŽ‰

What's new 

  • Add pronoun information - Configure your pronoun information within Deputy - either using a default option such as they/them or by adding your own, custom pronouns. 
  • Display your pronouns - Pronoun information will automatically display within the newsfeed and within the employee profile on web, and within the me tab for iOS and Android. 
  • Mobile support - Pronoun information can also be configured and displayed within the iOS and Android apps!

Why? 🤔

  • There are over 1m people in the US alone that identify as non binary.
  • Team members need to be able to signal the way in which they are to be referred, and managers need to be able to give their team tools to represent themselves properly!

How to use it 🔥

For more information on how to configure your profile information, please see the help doc here!