We're deprecating On The Fly calculations for ADP and Gusto

What's new

  • We are deprecating overtime export rules (also called on the fly calculations). Currently if you export pay to Gusto or ADP (either Workforce Now or Run), you will see a group of checkboxes that allow you to configure overtime. Examples could be:

    - Setting all hours over 40 as being O/T Hours
    - Marking Sunday Timesheets as O/T Hours
    - Setting all hours over 40 as being O/T Hours
    - Marking any hours over 8 hours per day as O/T Hours

    These will be replaced by Deputys Custom Award Library going forward to help customers export accurate payslips, easier 🎉
  • Current ADP File Download exports are being deprecated, and replaced by a script that includes pay rate interpretation. This means overtime, double time and other pay conditions will be automatically generated based on the US pay rate an employee is working under.


  • This change will help to make payroll exports more efficient. After assigning your employees to an award or US Pay Rate through the people page, Deputy will be able to export accurate payslips - with overtime, leave, doubletime, and other pay conditions generated automatically .

How to be prepared

  • To be prepared, follow the help doc here!
  • Export Rules will be removed from the product on the 30th of July for Gusto and the 30th of August for ADP