Upgraded Employee Schedule Views

What's new ✨

  • Upgraded Employee Schedules - Week, 2 week, 4 week and month employee view schedules have been redesigned and rebuilt
  • Performance - Upgrading the technology behind the schedules can result in a much faster scheduling experience for Deputy customers
  • New Design - A more consistent scheduling experience no matter what scheduling view you like to use most 

The new employee schedule view

The new schedule employee view

At a glance, stacked shifts can show that an employee has multiple items, from shifts through to leave

Shift popovers allow you to reschedule shifts via drag and drop with ease

Why 🤔

As part of Deputy's ongoing work to provide a faster, better scheduling experience, these upgrades offer a better experience from day one but also allow us to provide exciting new features like agreed hours with many more to come

Feedback 🤓

Got feedback to share? Go to Deputy > Help > Give us feedback

How to get it 🧪

This feature is still in BETA & will roll out to all accounts over the coming weeks.

If you are interested in joining our exclusive BETA program for this, please register your interest by hitting 'Get me in'.