Unavailability control so you can schedule your team with confidence

What's new ✨

Deputy businesses will soon be able to disable the ability for team members to submit unavailability.

Why 🤔

We know that many businesses do not use the concept of unavailability when managing their teams and schedules. This can lead to team members incorrectly using the unavailability feature, disrupting a business's ability to roster. With this new level of control, businesses that don't operate with the concept of employee unavailability can turn this feature off and continue to schedule employees in the way that they prefer.

How to use it 🤓

As a system administrator, you can prevent team members in your business from submitting new unavailabilities:

1.  Navigate to Business settings > Leave

2. Unselect the option for "Allow Team members to submit unavailability".

After turning this setting off, unavailabilities can still be created and used for Scheduling. This setting will not impact users with the ability to schedule employees, including Supervisors, Location Managers. They can continue to add unavailabilities for a team member in their profile under the People tab.

Furthermore, existing unavailabilities will not be impacted, and team members will still be able to delete their existing unavailabilities.  

To learn more about the specifics of this setting, please visit this handy Help article.

How to get it 🧪

This feature will be progressively rolling out to all customers starting from Thursday 16 June.