The new employee profile (& more features)!

Who doesn’t love a fresh new look? You may have noticed the People tab and employee profiles have a new look and feel. We have redesigned it for better navigation and so you can find & edit the information you need quicker. We’ve also reorganised and decluttered a few existing sections:

  • Profile includes personal details, employment details (where they work, training, pay, working hours), journals
  • Scheduling will have everything related to shifts, unavailability and leave
  • Activity includes news feed

This update is currently available for Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Premium accounts. Enterprise accounts coming next year!

And it's not just a pretty face! The new People tab is loaded with new features:

  • Pay by area: pay your staff different rates for higher duties, like working in a specific area or with hazardous equipment
  • Agreed hours & overtime: do you want your staff's overtime period to be calculated over a 2 or 4-week period? now you can! For example, Emma's agreed hours are 45 hours for two weeks, therefore she will be paid overtime when she exceeds 45 hours within a two week period.
  • Regular working hours (next month): do you have staff who work the same days and time every week? set up their working hours so you can auto-schedule them each week 
  • Request documents(Australia only): managers can now request documents during the onboarding process, things like certifications, licences, signed contracts etc. You won’t be able to upload a document to send to new hires (yet) - coming later this year.

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