Table View for Stats Panel - A Quick view of your key metrics

What's new

In early 2020, Deputy refreshed the stats panel graph view to show you key business metrics like Sales, Wages, Hours and Labor percentage.  

We know however that for businesses to run optimally and smart, it’s crucial to deeply understand the key data-points and to keep an eye on what you planned against what actually happened on the day.

So we are excited to announce that Deputy has introduced a new table view into the stats panel , to help you easily understand and digest key metrics when making your scheduling decisions. This view will be launching on the Area-Weekly view & slowly rolling out to the rest in the future.

Now managers can leverage with the new table view for the following benefits:

  • One click to set up your Sales data and Budgets

  • Compare Forecast vs. Actual sales data to better estimate your sales trend

  • Quick view of your Budget vs. Schedule vs. Actual Wages to optimise your labor costs

  • Monitor Budget hours vs. Filled shift hours vs. Required staff hours to schedule enough people to cover your labor needs

  • Understand Scheduled vs. Actual labor % to make informed scheduling decisions.
  • The original graph view is still available & will be the default experience when you initially land on Schedule. You can easily switch between graph view and table view

  • One last thing :) we have also made it easier to enter ‘Business Insights’ by tapping on the “Insights” button.

How to use it

Read more about how the stats panel works here

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