Sales Per Hour in Business Insights

What's new ✨ 

In early 2020, Deputy introduced the business goal metric Labor percentage to help manage your labor cost with the Sales to get more profit.

We know however that for businesses to run optimally and smart 😎, it’s also crucial for managers to improve the efficiency of their business by gaining insight into employee productivity.

So we are excited to introduce a new business goal metric - Sales Per Hour (SPH).

This can be accessed within Business Insights Summary and viewable as:

  • Forecast/Budgeted SPH :  Deputy Forecast Sales / Budgeted Hours
  • Scheduled SPH :  Forecast Sales / Scheduled Shifts’ Hours
  • Actual SPH:  Actual Sales / Actual Timesheets’ Hours

Business Insights with “Sales per hour” in place will help you:

  • Understand how your business is performing by observing key metrics day by day , week by week,  or month by month
  • Share the budgeted Sales per hour as a business goal with your team for increased productivity and planning out schedules accordingly.
  • Make scheduling adjustments during the day by comparing Scheduled vs. Actual vs. Budgeted SPH to either reduce or increase the labor demand.
  • Last thing, you can choose either one or both of Labor % and SPH to monitor and optimize your business performance in BI Summary.

How to use it 🤓

Read more about how to use Business Insights here

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