Pay your employee sleepover shift correctly with one click and Schedule non-worked type shift easily

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What's new

  • Non-worked type area settings - Managers now can setup a non-worked type area where any shift happened there will not be calculated into the ordinary total time, plus NO stress profile or overtime pay rate will be triggered neither.  

  • Sleepover shift management - Managers can also setup sleepover allowance via SCHADS awards by marking particular sets of area who contains the specified name to be Sleepover Area.  By doing so , you will be able to pay your employee's sleepover shift accurately by one click!


Deputy wants to keep empowering our Healthcare / NDIS customers during COVID-19. We hope by supporting the non-worked type shift and sleepover shifts , it could help the Healthcare/NDIS customers to easily manage their scheduling and timesheets.

How to use it

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How to get it

This feature is still in BETA & will roll out to all accounts over the coming weeks.

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