Pay Comparison Report

What's new ✨

Have you ever wanted to reconcile what your team has been paid with what they would have earned on an industrial award? The Pay Comparison report allows you to do this! 

This report takes your employees recorded time (via our timesheets), and recalculates them according to any of our industrial awards or your custom terms.

Why 🤔

More and more legislation is requiring businesses to ensure their employees are 'better off' on their respective agreements and salaries than they would be compared to an individual award - this report gives businesses another tool to help determine if they are compliant.

How to use it 🤓

You can find the Pay Comparison Report in your reports section!

Simply enter your parameters and click Create:
Your report will generate in the background and you'll receive an email when its done - just click download to get it in Excel format!

Click here to read more about how to use it

What's coming soon

This feature is still in BETA & still in active development. Look out in the coming weeks for:

  • Defined outer limits - calculate when your employees have gone over specified amounts of overtime and penalties each pay period
  • Reporting by pay period - for easier viewing
  • More filters - to break down your employee groups even more.