New Australian Payroll Integration - CloudPayroll / iPayroll with Awards and Leave

What's new

Deputy has released a new version of the CloudPayroll / iPayroll timesheet export application. The new version now includes:

  • Timesheets with breakdown of award-based pay
  • Leave timesheets

How does it work

Ensure that you have set up pay rates set up correctly on CloudPayroll / iPayroll, read the setup guide

  1. Approve timesheets to export.
  2. Go to Export Timesheets.
  3. Check that the Pay Rate Export Code matches the corresponding Payment Code in CloudPayroll / iPayroll.
  4. Press "Export Selected Items" 
  5. Find CloudPayroll / iPayroll V2 in the dropdown of payroll applications.
  6. Click "Export"
  7. Download the file and upload into CloudPayroll / iPayroll.