Manage your part-time staff's agreed working hours

What's new

  • Set agreed working hours, by allocating the number of hours your part-time staff will work for the week

  • Create and assign work periods, to customise agreed working hours to suit your unique business rostering cycles

  • Better manage overtime through selecting when overtime payments kick if an employee exceeds their agreed working hour limit


In Australia, managers do not have a way to manage part-time employee’s agreed working hours to ensure they are getting the correct overtime pay. Part-time awards follow the full-time award rule for overtime, which is usually 38 or 40 hours. This means if a PT worker is contracted to work 35hrs a week, their overtime rate will not apply until 38 or 40 hrs, which provides incorrect pay for part-time workers.

What's next

  • 2-weekly & 4-weekly work periods 
  • Managers will be able to specify the agreed days and times for an employee
  • Scheduling enhancements, get alerts when you’re scheduling employees over the agreed hours

How to use it

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