Labor Model support for Tasks

What's new

In early 2020, we released the feature to set up Labor Model rules that take into account demand drivers (e.g sales, transactions) when generating your required staff.

We understand however that for businesses to run optimally, staffing is also necessary to carry out tasks throughout the day regardless of variable demand drivers (sales, transactions etc.). 

So we are excited to announce that Deputy can now incorporate Tasks into the Labor Model, to give you a holistic view of your required staff.

  • Create a task & sub tasks for a specific area & add them to your labor model rules.
  • Allocate how long it may take for staff to carry out each task.
  • Set up the time period for when this task needs to be completed
  • Run the labor model to generate how much staff it needs to provide a world-class service to your customers and now also determine how much staff your require to carry out important operational tasks like unloading and sorting inventory or cleaning or conducting a stocktake.
  • Automatically create the shifts to meet your required staffing needs with Deputy’s Auto Build & Auto-fill or simply manually create them.
  • Employees will see those tasks details in Mobile Apps or Kiosk when they start their shift on that day.

The beta roll out of this feature has been completed and we are rolling it out to all customers from now on.

How to use it

Read more about how the labor model works here

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