iOS Goodies! Live Cards on Home and Today WidgetšŸ“±

Since introducing the new Home on mobile, we have continued to uplift our mobile apps to give you a better experience and more functionality on the go. Here are some updates we've made to our iOS app. 

What's new ✨

Live Shifts card ⛅️ - Get a quick glance of upcoming shifts on the Home tab.

Live Time Off card ⛱ - Get a quick glance of future time off, both approved and unapproved, on the Home tab.

Today widget 📆 - Introducing Deputy’s first iOS widget! Managers can now use the Deputy Today widget to keep track of what’s going on in their workplace. See who’s on shift, on break, late and scheduled to work, directly from your iPhone or iPad home screen

How to get it 🧪

To get the Today widget on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Make sure the Deputy app is installed, and that you are logged in. This widget is available for iOS and iPadOS versions 14+.
  2. Follow the steps below to add the Deputy widget to your device. 

3. Press and hold on a blank space on your device home screen. Then tap on the top left corner to access the widgets menu. 

4. On the widgets menu, search for Deputy, and choose your preferred widget size.

For more information, see Apple’s help docs on how to add widgets to your iPhone or iPad.

If you manage multiple businesses and would like the Today widget to display another business: press and hold the widget →  tap ‘Edit widget’ → tap ‘Business’ and select the business you want to see. 

Got feedback to share? Go to Deputy > Help > Give us feedback