Enterprise Accounts - Schedule Upgrades

Upgraded Week / 2 Week / 4 Week / Month Employee and Area Views

A ground up rebuild of the week, 2 week, 4 week and month employee and area view schedule pages has been carried out this year and is nearly ready to roll out to your enterprise accounts. 

Whilst this might look similar to the schedule you know and love apart from some minor UI enhancements - this upgrade comes with a number of new features and major underlying improvements along side the new technology working behind the scenes to power a faster, more reliable Deputy experience. 

Employee Views

New Employee Views

 New Area Views


Area Views - Time Off

See your team availability at a glance without leaving the schedule.

Previously to see staff member availability you had to either use the employee view or leave the schedule to view a staff members profile.

At the top of Week and 2 Week Area Views, all staff leave and availability is visible to make it even faster to know who’s available to be schedule on to work. 

Area Views - Staff Coverage

The quickest way to know if you have gaps in your schedule for each of your core areas. 

  1. Enable the staff coverage feature from the insights panel

  2. Click on the new staff coverage section above each day within an area and set how many staff you require
  3. Any days with not enough staff will be visually highlighted for action

Employee Views - Stacked Cards

2 shifts for an employee + 1 unavailability

Multiple shift items will stack together and overlap so you can easily see multiple items at a glance without needing to drill down further to see what they are. All items that you are used to seeing on your schedule fit into these stacks, from leave and unavailability through to allocated shifts. 

Employee Views - Shift Popovers

Simplified popovers to view all shift items on a specific day for employee mean a much more integrated experience. This allows you to more seamlessly drag and drop shifts meaning you can schedule faster and more easily.

Performance & Future Scalability

The major driver has been to rebuild the Deputy schedule with the latest and fit for purpose technologies beneath the hood. This allows us to focus on 2 main areas:

Ongoing Schedule Performance - Deputy has grown to millions of shift workers clocking in every day thanks to businesses like yours growing operations along side the deputy platform. To cater for this growth, we’ve completely changed the technology we use to display the schedule which will allow us to offer some immediate performance improvements but also sets us up for improvements into the future which is an ongoing focus for us.

New Features - By using the most up to date technology it allows us to more reliably and better tackle new features that have been requested to help redefine workforce management and scheduling such as agreed hours

Get in Touch

If you'd like this in your sandbox accounts, early access or just have questions please just get in touch with either your customer success manager or raise a support ticket and we'll get things underway.