Create Open Shifts With Manager Approval

What's new

Scheduling Managers can now create Open Shifts with Manager Approval. 

As a manager you can now create an Open shift and allow your employees to request that shift. 

Once all the requests are in, you’ll will now be able to approve based on the most suitable employee for that shift. 

Open Shift provides the ability for manager to fill shifts based on first in best dressed. 

However, with the new Open Shift with Approval feature provides managers better control over selecting the most suitable employee for a shift based on shift cost, hours worked and or in order of request.

How does it work?

Create and approve Open Shift with approval in three simple steps:

1. Create an Open Shift requiring approval

2. View and select employees who requested shift

3. Approve shift based on employee shift cost, hours or those that were first to request

For a full help guide including instructions for iOS and Android, head to our help guide.