Copy weekly schedules on mobile 📲

What's new

Managers using the Deputy iOS and Android app can now copy a previous week's schedule to a future week, with a few simple taps.
We know that for many businesses your roster does not change that much week to week. Where previously, you could only copy shifts one day at a time, now you can copy an entire week's schedule and apply it to a future week, making any small adjustments needed before publishing. 


✅  We have made this change to save you time and enable scheduling to be more efficient from the Deputy mobile app ⏱

How to use it

1. Tap the + button on the Schedule Week view then tap 'Copy shifts'
2. Tap to select the shifts that you wish to copy and then tap'Copy x shifts'
3. Swipe to navigate to a future week and tap 'Paste x shifts'

And you're done! Make any small adjustments to the new week's schedule before it's ready to publish.

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