Coming Soon: New multi-location selector for your schedule

What’s new ✨

The new schedule location selector (web) will now have the ability to multi-select any combination of location and areas.

Why 🤔

  • Flexibility with Multi-Select Locations - Making the schedule view more relevant by only showing exactly what you want. You can select any combination of locations & areas when scheduling
  • Efficiency - If you need to view and work across multiple areas and locations, you can now select them all in one go without having to frequently change location
  • System Performance - By showing you exactly what you want, the Deputy platform doesn’t have to find all the shifts and staff you don’t currently need to look at. This helps the schedule perform faster and is one of a long list of upcoming performance enhancements we have planned

How to use it

  1. Navigate to the schedule and you’ll find the new location selector where it’s always been
  2. Select what areas and/or locations you’d like to view
  3. Hit done to view your selection on your schedule

Interested in early access and helping shape this feature? Join our Beta Program here.

Got feedback to share? Go to Deputy > Help > Give us feedback or simply book a 30 minute meeting with us here