Capture Shift Engagement from Team Members 😁😐😕

What's new

Shift Engagement is a simple way for your team members to be heard and for managers to track team engagement and take action. 

We are looking to help you:

Capture team engagement 🤳- As team members clock out of their shift on mobile, they will get a question on how they are feeling? They can choose from Excited, Happy, Okay, Frustrated & Stressed. They can also leave a comment, all captured anonymously. 

Track & take action 📊 - A detailed report to help keep track of your team's shift engagement trend & view feedback to take action.

How can I be the first to try this?

This feature is entering its Beta phase, which means we would love to get some more feedback before making this available for general release. Customers can also expect small bugs and user interface issues that need to be addressed in a follow-up release. 

If you are keen to try it out with your team, simply register your interest 👉here 

How to use it

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