Business Insights and Stats panel improvements

What's new

After the release of Business Insights and the new Stats panel, we have been receiving lots of feedback in regards to its usability. All the little things are important to us 🙂, so we thank you for spending the time to provide the feedback.

We want to make sure that Business Insights is not only a powerful tool to help manage your schedules but also it is easy to use and clear to understand. 

Here are some of the highlights of the usability updates:

  • Coloured indicators on hover - this should help managers clearly understand which data point associates with which metric in the Stats Panel
  • A simpler way to add new metrics - we have reduced the steps and improved our helper text so you can set metrics up right the first time.
  • Budgets how do I set them & how do I edit them - you will now clearly notice when a budget is editable and when it's not 🤗

How to use it

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