Bulk update location settings - work smart, not hard!

What's new ✨

Deputy is bringing you the ability to bulk update the settings for multiple Locations in one, easy step. 

Users can now make use of the "Copy Settings" functionality, which is found on the Locations screen via a drop down next to the settings of each location. Timecard, Scheduling, and Operating Hours settings from one location can be copied to multiple or all other locations, in one easy bulk update.

Why 🤔

Keeping your Locations correctly configured can be a time-consuming task, especially if you manage lots and lots of locations. We hope that this feature lets you independently manage your Locations quickly and easily, saving you time and effort.

How to use it 🤓

This feature can be used by simply navigating to the Location page in your Deputy account, clicking the dropdown to the right of any Location in your businesses, and selecting "Copy settings". From there, you can select what type of settings (Operating hours, Scheduling, Timesheets) and to which Locations you would like to copy it to. Easy as that!

To learn more, please visit our Help article on copying Location settings.

How to get it 🧪

This feature is progressively rolling out to all customers, and will be available in your instance soon.