Boost your team's engagement on Deputy iPad Kiosk 💪

What's new ✨

We’ve been hearing great feedback from our customers who use Shift Pulse to create a thriving and engaged workplace for their employees. Now, we are introducing this feature to our iPad Kiosk app too - so your team can rate how they felt on their shifts, no matter where they clock out from!

Using Shift Pulse, employees can rate how they felt and leave feedback at the end of every shift. Armed with actionable insights into your team’s morale, you can help boost employee satisfaction and engagement - and make the next shift better. 

How to get it 🧪

If your business already uses this feature, there is nothing you have to do and the feature will roll out to you over the coming weeks. 

If your business is new to Shift Pulse

  1. As a System Administrator, you should be able to access Business Settings on web. Click your name in the upper right corner → ‘Business Settings’ Timesheets → Turn ON Capture Shift Engagement → Apply Changes
  2. As soon as your employees clock out from their shift, they should be able to see the Shift Pulse™ survey and leave anonymous feedback. As a System Administrator or Location Manager, you can find results of these surveys on the Engagement dashboard under Reports on web or under the Home tab on mobile.