Assign shifts to remote job sites with Site Scheduling

What's new
  • Support Remote Workers - Now you can assign a remote job site to a shift and schedule employees to do work at that job site quickly, reducing the operational workload for the Deputy scheduling manager.
  • Remote Job Sites - Add an address to an Area - set up your business hierarchy in Deputy quickly and easily to meet the needs of businesses with remote job sites.
  • Data Accuracy - Clock in or out from the Area address - time is tracked accurately and workers can be held accountable based on their location when clocking in/out.
  • Accurate Reporting - Report on job site locations and clock-ins/outs - audit capability to ensure workers are where they said they were when on the clock.
  • Location Accuracy - Monitor employee location relative to their job site and alert the manager if too far away - monitor employee location to ensure workers are where they are supposed to be when on the clock.
  • Business Owners looking to schedule remote employees require an easy way to direct their employees to these remote job sites. 
  • When employees are required to go to multiple remote job sites in a day, week, or month, it can be onerous on the Deputy scheduling manager to create new Locations and assign the employees to the new Location, create the correct Areas of work, and start scheduling.
  • Now, businesses can better schedule their remote or field-based workforce, through allocating different shifts to different addresses.
How does it work?

1. Adding an Area address
  •             Toggle “YES” for the new field “Does this area have it’s own address?” when editing an existing Area or creating a new one, in both the Schedule tab and Locations tab
  •              Start typing an address in the new address field and select the matched address from the automatically populated list
  •              Update the Area address using the map view for more precise selection - great for large worksites, malls, arenas, warehouses, etc.
2. Scheduling a shift and clocking in/out 
  •             Scheduling managers select the Area for the shift as normal. You can see which Areas have an address by checking for the map pin icon next to the Area name in the Schedule view and Locations tab
  •             Employees clock in/out on iOS and Android devices as normal
  •             New details about the shift’s address are displayed in the Shift Details
  •             Driving directions are available to the Area address under Shift Details

3. Measuring the shift accuracy
  •             Timesheets have been updated to show the map view using the Area address 
  •             The Deputy extension “Clocking Far Away From Location >Alert Manager” has been updated to use the Area address
  •             The report “Employee Timesheet Locations” has been updated to use the Area address
Follow our help guide for more details on how to configure and use Site Scheduling.