Stay safe with Deputy’s Touchless Clock In - now on Android!

What's new

You asked, we've listened! Touchless Clock In is now available for our Android Time Clock app. A way for employees to clock in and out of their shifts without having to touch the kiosk device 🚫✋


  • Limits contact exposure between employees during clock-in and out procedure and contamination of device
  • Demonstrable example for your business to show your increasing vigilance around hygiene
  • Faster and simpler clock-in process for employees
  • Eliminates time spent on forgotten PINs
  • Ensures accurate and indisputable time and attendance reporting
  • No need to purchase specialised hardware or add-ons

How does it work?

Enabled by the combination of facial recognition and voice commands, employees simply:

  1. Walk up to the time clock device
  2. Hold still and smile for the camera 🤳🏼
  3. Clearly state one of the following voice commands: “Start shift”, “End shift”, “Start break” or “End break” and they're done!

How do I turn this feature on?

Visit our help guide to find out more.

What if I have an iPad device?

The kiosk touchless experience is already available to iPad users! Simple download our iOS Kiosk app and find out how to get set up on our help guide.