Leave Approval on Android ✅

What's new

It's here! You can now view leave requests straight from your Deputy Android app.

Action leave requests 🏝- Managers can now view leave requests and approve or decline on the go. You can also approve partially/date approved leave requests.

Leave balance 🔮- Compare the team member's leave balance against the leave requested to make an informed decision

Manage schedule conflicts 🙅‍♂️- View conflicts with the existing schedule & leave requests.

Others on leave 🧘- Avoid being understaffed, view if other team members are on leave during the requested period.

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View Team member's Time off on iOS 🏝

What's new

We want to help managers have the full picture of who's available and who's not when scheduling their team members on mobile.

• Time Off on Schedule Week view 🗓- You can now view team member's leave and unavailability on the schedule week view. If either is not important to you, simply configure what works for you by tapping the Time Off label.

• Time Off details on Add Shift 📲- You will also see these critical details when adding a shift on iOS. If a team member is unavailable or on leave, they will not be recommended for the shift and their time off details will appear underneath their name. 

Edit an Area or Hide it ✏️- Additional goodies 🥳You can also now tap on any Area label to edit the area name or to simply hide it.

The new employee profile (& more features)!

Who doesn’t love a fresh new look? You may have noticed the People tab and employee profiles have a new look and feel. We have redesigned it for better navigation and so you can find & edit the information you need quicker. We’ve also reorganised and decluttered a few existing sections:

  • Profile includes personal details, employment details (where they work, training, pay, working hours), journals
  • Scheduling will have everything related to shifts, unavailability and leave
  • Activity includes news feed

This update is currently available for Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Premium accounts. Enterprise accounts coming next year!

And it's not just a pretty face! The new People tab is loaded with new features:

  • Pay by area: pay your staff different rates for higher duties, like working in a specific area or with hazardous equipment
  • Agreed hours & overtime: do you want your staff's overtime period to be calculated over a 2 or 4-week period? now you can! For example, Emma's agreed hours are 45 hours for two weeks, therefore she will be paid overtime when she exceeds 45 hours within a two week period.
  • Regular working hours (next month): do you have staff who work the same days and time every week? set up their working hours so you can auto-schedule them each week 
  • Request documents(Australia only): managers can now request documents during the onboarding process, things like certifications, licences, signed contracts etc. You won’t be able to upload a document to send to new hires (yet) - coming later this year.

Click here to read more about it.

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Customise how you refer to your team 🤙

What's new ✨

To better reflect the diverse nature of the Deputy community and those who use our product each day, we’ve changed the default for term for “employee” in Deputy to “team member”.  For existing customers we also have the ability for each business to customise this term, so your Deputy account can accurately reflect how you refer to and speak with your team each day. This change will be effective across our web, mobile apps and be visible for all members of your team who use Deputy.

Why 🌟

Deputy’s vision is to create thriving workplaces in every community. This change is about recognising the traditional employee-manager relationship is evolving over time, and may not exist in every business. It's also about reinforcing that a thriving business is built on mutual respect and collaboration between all members of a team, regardless of their role.

How to use it 🤓

All new customers will have the updated "team member" term applied to their account by default. For existing customers or those that would like to update the term to fit their business, we have a setting under Custom Terms in your Business Settings.

Click here to read more about how to use it

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Repeat shifts on mobile 🔁📲

What's new ✨

Managers using the Deputy iOS or Android app can now repeat shifts for the next seven days, with a few simple taps.

When creating shifts on mobile, you can now add repeat shifts for the week ahead by simply choosing the days you want this shift to apply to.


We have made this change to save you time and to make scheduling more efficient from the Deputy mobile app ⏱

How to use it

1. Tap inline on the Schedule (or use the + button) to start adding a shift.

2. Select the days you want the shifts created for in the 'Repeat this week' section and tap Add shifts!

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Note: Make sure you've updated your Deputy app to the latest version

Xero - Mark New Pay Items Reportable As W1

What's new

Create new Xero Pay Items Reportable as W1 

When exporting payroll to Xero, customers can now mark whether newly created Pay Items will be Reportable as W1 on Activity Statement in Xero. 

If you have any Pay Items in Xero which already exist, you will need to go back and manually update each individual part item as Reportable as W1 as appropriate.
Read more about how to do this in Xero


Customers have given a lot of feedback that most earnings for employees will be reportable as W1 to the ATO, however our Xero integration previously created all new Pay Items with Reportable as W1 set to off. Deputy believes that future Pay Item creation in Xero from Deputy will make tax time for a lot of customers and their accountants a lot easier.

How to use it

This improvement is now available to all Australian customers. 

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We're deprecating On The Fly calculations for ADP and Gusto

What's new

  • We are deprecating overtime export rules (also called on the fly calculations). Currently if you export pay to Gusto or ADP (either Workforce Now or Run), you will see a group of checkboxes that allow you to configure overtime. Examples could be:

    - Setting all hours over 40 as being O/T Hours
    - Marking Sunday Timesheets as O/T Hours
    - Setting all hours over 40 as being O/T Hours
    - Marking any hours over 8 hours per day as O/T Hours

    These will be replaced by Deputys Custom Award Library going forward to help customers export accurate payslips, easier 🎉
  • Current ADP File Download exports are being deprecated, and replaced by a script that includes pay rate interpretation. This means overtime, double time and other pay conditions will be automatically generated based on the US pay rate an employee is working under.


  • This change will help to make payroll exports more efficient. After assigning your employees to an award or US Pay Rate through the people page, Deputy will be able to export accurate payslips - with overtime, leave, doubletime, and other pay conditions generated automatically .

How to be prepared

  • To be prepared, follow the help doc here!
  • Export Rules will be removed from the product on the 30th of July for Gusto and the 30th of August for ADP 

Copy weekly schedules on mobile 📲

What's new

Managers using the Deputy iOS and Android app can now copy a previous week's schedule to a future week, with a few simple taps.
We know that for many businesses your roster does not change that much week to week. Where previously, you could only copy shifts one day at a time, now you can copy an entire week's schedule and apply it to a future week, making any small adjustments needed before publishing. 


✅  We have made this change to save you time and enable scheduling to be more efficient from the Deputy mobile app ⏱

How to use it

1. Tap the + button on the Schedule Week view then tap 'Copy shifts'
2. Tap to select the shifts that you wish to copy and then tap'Copy x shifts'
3. Swipe to navigate to a future week and tap 'Paste x shifts'

And you're done! Make any small adjustments to the new week's schedule before it's ready to publish.

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FlareHR Worker Import Updates.

What's new

  • You can now choose a default location for imported workers - Previously, if we couldn’t automatically create a mapping between the locations listed in Deputy and the location of a worker imported from FlareHR, we would automatically assign them to wherever the integration was originally configured. With this change, you can control which location to assign these users, or even ignore them from the import all together.
  • We’ve overhauled the design of the Import Worker config - The design of the new worker sync setup screen has been completely overhauled. With these changes, we hope you have a better idea on how to both use the integration, and configure it to your needs.




✅ Ability to set a default location means less manual work if our assumptions are wrong

✅ Redesigned configuration screen will make setup easier and behaviour more transparent.

Copy Deputy Forecast & Import Your Own Forecast

What's new

  • Quick copy Deputy forecast to Manager forecastYou will no longer need to switch between Deputy forecast and Manager forecast to copy from one to the other. Now the Deputy forecast data will automatically appear within the Manager forecast if we notice that you have no data.
  • Import your own forecast:  We finally have a way that will allow you to import your own forecast data to override our Deputy Forecast. This can only be done via API, check the API doc for details here

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How to use it

Click here to read more about how to use more in Business Insights.

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