Repeat shifts on mobile 🔁📲

What's new ✨

Managers using the Deputy iOS or Android app can now repeat shifts for the next seven days, with a few simple taps.

When creating shifts on mobile, you can now add repeat shifts for the week ahead by simply choosing the days you want this shift to apply to.


We have made this change to save you time and to make scheduling more efficient from the Deputy mobile app ⏱

How to use it

1. Tap inline on the Schedule (or use the + button) to start adding a shift.

2. Select the days you want the shifts created for in the 'Repeat this week' section and tap Add shifts!

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Note: Make sure you've updated your Deputy app to the latest version

We're deprecating On The Fly calculations for ADP and Gusto

What's new

  • We are deprecating overtime export rules (also called on the fly calculations). Currently if you export pay to Gusto or ADP (either Workforce Now or Run), you will see a group of checkboxes that allow you to configure overtime. Examples could be:

    - Setting all hours over 40 as being O/T Hours
    - Marking Sunday Timesheets as O/T Hours
    - Setting all hours over 40 as being O/T Hours
    - Marking any hours over 8 hours per day as O/T Hours

    These will be replaced by Deputys Custom Award Library going forward to help customers export accurate payslips, easier 🎉
  • Current ADP File Download exports are being deprecated, and replaced by a script that includes pay rate interpretation. This means overtime, double time and other pay conditions will be automatically generated based on the US pay rate an employee is working under.


  • This change will help to make payroll exports more efficient. After assigning your employees to an award or US Pay Rate through the people page, Deputy will be able to export accurate payslips - with overtime, leave, doubletime, and other pay conditions generated automatically .

How to be prepared

  • To be prepared, follow the help doc here!
  • Export Rules will be removed from the product on the 30th of July for Gusto and the 30th of August for ADP 

Employee agreed working hours

This feature is currently available for Premium accounts only

What's new

  • Set agreed working hours to specify the number of hours an employee is required or agreed to work within the work period selected. Setting this will allow you to -
    • Create and assign a work period to determine how employees’ overtime are calculated. Selecting Tuesday as the start of the work period means overtime is calculated from Tuesday-Monday. Previously, work/overtime period was determined by the location settings, Week starts with.
    • Keep track and view employee’s agreed hours while scheduling. An arrow next to the employee’s name will indicate whether you’ve scheduled your employee above or under their agreed hours. Green tick means, you’ve scheduled them just right!
    • Display warnings when your employee has exceeded their agreed hours. When adding/editing a shift, a warning will pop up if you have scheduled over your employee’s agreed hours.

How to use it

Click here to read more about how to use it

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Integrate With ADP Workforce Now Essential Time

What's new

  • Time Clock Integration - Deputy's US customers can sync time punches from mobile, web, and Kiosks directly into ADP Workforce Now Essential Time in real-time.


✅  The new integration simplifies your Deputy account implementation when using ADP Essential Time, so you can quickly get your business using Deputy's powerful scheduling and timekeeping tools ⏩

✅  Increased flexibility and cost savings as you can choose to use Deputy's Kiosk and mobile apps on your own hardware (iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets) 💸

How to use it

Click here to read more about how to set up the Essential Time integration.

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Employees can now view changes to their timesheets! 🔍

What's new ✨

  • Employees can now view changes that have been made to their timesheet including:
    • Shift start time
    • Shift end time
    • Meal break time
  • Managers can also set up an automated reminder for employees to review their timesheets.


✅ To help streamline the process of reviewing timesheets and be ready for payroll.

✅ To increase transparency between your managers and your employees.

✅ We also found that employees want to see the changes being made between the time they clock out and payday.

How to use it

Click here to read more about how it works.

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Create Open Shifts with Manager Approval on Mobile

What’s new

As a manager, you can now create Open shifts with manager approval, directly on your Deputy mobile app! 

This means you can now create and approve open shifts with approval on the mobile. 


  • As a busy manager, you no longer need to be near your desktop to CREATE and APPROVE shifts. 
  • Create and approve Open shifts on the go, or while commuting.

How to create Open Shifts with Approval on mobile

How to approve shifts on mobile

Now available on iOS and Android. 

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Set up Advanced Stress Profiles from Business Settings

What's new

Non-Enterprise customers can also set the advanced stress profile via Business Settings. This feature will be rolled out to everyone in the next 3 days.

  • Access advanced stress profiles via Business Settings: Managers can access their stress profiles under the “People” tab via “Business Settings”.

  • View/Create/Update stress profiles in one place When managers access the stress profile via Business Settings, they will be able to create new custom stress profiles or view/update existing stress profiles too.


Advanced stress profiles is an essential tool not only for Enterprise customers, but also for Non-Ent SMB customers to efficiently manage their employee’s schedules to ensure themselves to be aligned with labor compliance standards etc.

How to use it

Read more about how to view/set the stress profiles here

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iOS Mobile: Invite Your Team From Payroll 📱

What's new

  • Invite your team from your Payroll/HR software - login to your payroll or HR software, choose the employees you want to invite and invite them to Deputy!
  • Supported integrations - Xero, Gusto, Quickbooks + more coming soon


Deputy knows that many businesses run their operations on mobile and we want to make it easier for you to get set up on Deputy. You already have your team's information in another system so we use that to make adding your team easier so you need to do double entry. 

How to use it

Available to all customers on iOS Deputy App version 9.0.2 or later. 

Your integration not supported? Let us know by going to Deputy > Help > Give us feedback

Changes to Enabling Support Access

What's new

Enabling support access will now give you an option to give access for a set duration. These periods can be: 

  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 4 weeks
  • Indefinitely


In order to protect your business, your employees and your data, we've made support access expire so that you don't have to remember to turn it off once we've helped you through an issue. 

We want your explicit consent every time we access your account to support you so that you are in full control of who does and doesn't have access to your account. 

When will I see this change?

  • Customers who sign up after 10th Feb 2021 
    • Support access will be enabled by default for 4 weeks
  • Premium customers who signed up before 10th Feb 2021
    • If you have support access enabled, this will automatically transition to the 4 week timer starting the 17th Feb
  • Enterprise customers who signed up before 10th Feb 2021
  • If you have support access enabled, this will automatically transition to the 4 week timer starting the 24th Feb

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Introducing Deputy's new look and feel ✨

Wherever you choose to use Deputy, from your desktop or preferred device, you’ll experience a fresh, new look and feel as we make the most exciting update to our brand yet. You and your team will see a new logo, a new colour palette, and a refreshed experience roll out across Deputy in the product, on our website, and through all our communications. 

What's new ✨

Our logo and app icons
First thing you'll notice is our new logo and updated app icons.

Schedule improvements
We've worked to modernise the schedule tab: removing unnecessary lines, adding a little extra spacing and generally tidying up a bit. As part of these updates we've simplified the shift status colours: unpublished shifts are now grey, and empty shifts are white. 

Refreshed web app
Across the web app you'll see our updated colour palette (now with added contrast to meet accessibility guidelines), icons and components.

Mobile apps
The updated colour palette and icons continue through our mobile app creating a consistent experience wherever you're using Deputy.

And of course, everybody's favourite... dark mode 🦇🌚

Kiosk and time clock apps
Last but not least, we've our Kiosk and Time clock

What isn't new 😅

It's important to note, the way you use Deputy hasn't changed. These updates are purely a visual update across our product.

Why 🤔

We are changing our logo and the visual look and feel of the product to better represent our customers, the Deputy team that sits behind the product, and our vision for the future of shift workers globally. You can learn more about the reason behind our brand refresh here.

Feedback 💬

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please use this form to share your feedback directly with our product and design teams.

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