Archiving people on the Deputy mobile app

What's new ✨

You can now archive team members easily from your iOS or Android Deputy mobile apps without having to log in on Desktop.

How to use it 🤓

How to archive a team member on iOS:

How to archive a team member on Android:

Why 🤔

Archiving team members is an important feature previously missing from our iOS mobile app, particularly for businesses in industries that naturally have a high turnover of staff.

You can now remove access for a team member as soon as they are no longer employed and you don't have to wait until you're at your Desktop.

For more information on Archiving team members, visit our help article.

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Create your own Employee Onboarding questions

What's new ✨

You can now create and ask your own Employee onboarding questions to suit your business needs.

The current onboarding form collects basic personal, banking and tax information, but what if you need to collect other important business-specific questions from your new hire? 

For example “have you had a workers' compensation claim?”, “what’s your uniform size?”, “do you have a preferred location?”.. the options are endless.

Why 🤔

Keep it all within Deputy - you won’t need to use a separate system to collect and store additional information about your team members. 

Unique & flexible - the flexibility to ask any question that might be specific to the business, whether it’s a short answer, Yes/No or multiple choice

Reusable - create it once and the questions will be included in all new onboards

How to use it 🤓

Click here to read more about how to use it

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How to get it 🧪

This feature will be progressively rolled out to all customers in the next week.

Improved NetSuite Integration now available

What's new ✨

Deputy Premium and Enterprise now integrate directly from within NetSuite.

  • Synchronise your NetSuite employees - Add and update employees directly in Deputy from NetSuite and vice versa.
  • Import Timesheet data - From NetSuite, you are now able to import timesheet data directly for processing in NetSuite SuitePeople.
  • Import Deputy Locations and Pay Rates - Import Locations and Pay Rates to apply them directly to your new or existing employees in SuitePeople and have that synchronise back to Deputy automatically.


NetSuite is popular with some of the larger Deputy customers and prospects but has never really had an easy-to-set-up integration before. A more in-depth integration makes it easier than ever to get timesheet data across to NetSuite, ready to pay your employees.

How to use it

The improved integration can now be installed directly from the Suite Apps marketplace in NetSuite.

Coming Soon: New multi-location selector for your schedule

What’s new ✨

You will have the ability to multi-select any combination of areas in the new schedule location selector (web).

Why 🤔

  • Flexibility with Multi-Select Locations - Making the schedule view more relevant by only showing exactly what you want. You can select any combination of locations & areas when scheduling
  • Efficiency - If you need to view and work across multiple areas and locations, you can now select them all in one go without having to frequently change location
  • System Performance - By showing only what you want, the Deputy platform doesn’t have to find all the shifts and staff you don’t currently need to look at. This helps the schedule perform faster and is one of a long list of upcoming performance enhancements we have planned — stay tuned!

How to use it

  1. Navigate to the schedule and you’ll find the new location selector where it’s always been
  2. Choose "Select Multiple"
  3. Select which areas and/or locations you’d like to view
  4. Hit "Done" to view your selection on your schedule

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Unavailability control so you can schedule your team with confidence

What's new ✨

Deputy businesses will soon be able to disable the ability for team members to submit unavailability.

Why 🤔

We know that many businesses do not use the concept of unavailability when managing their teams and schedules. This can lead to team members incorrectly using the unavailability feature, disrupting a business's ability to roster. With this new level of control, businesses that don't operate with the concept of employee unavailability can turn this feature off and continue to schedule employees in the way that they prefer.

How to use it 🤓

As a system administrator, you can prevent team members in your business from submitting new unavailabilities:

1.  Navigate to Business settings > Leave

2. Unselect the option for "Allow Team members to submit unavailability".

After turning this setting off, unavailabilities can still be created and used for Scheduling. This setting will not impact users with the ability to schedule employees, including Supervisors, Location Managers. They can continue to add unavailabilities for a team member in their profile under the People tab.

Furthermore, existing unavailabilities will not be impacted, and team members will still be able to delete their existing unavailabilities.  

To learn more about the specifics of this setting, please visit this handy Help article.

How to get it 🧪

This feature will be progressively rolling out to all customers starting from Thursday 16 June.

Go paperless & onboard new hires with our new UK Employee Onboarding experience

What's new ✨ Enterprise accounts - coming next month!

Customers in the UK can now invite new hires to complete their own details to self onboard! The following information can be completed by the team member directly to Deputy:

  • Personal and emergency contact
  • Bank information for direct deposit pay
  • New starter form, including national insurance number, student loan and P45
  • Right to work details

Need more documents from new starters? You can request important documents like training certifications / licences and send out employment forms like company handbooks and contracts to capture digital signatures from your new hires, which they can provide in Deputy, using any device.

Why 🤔

Give your new hires a great first impression by simplifying and digitising the onboarding experience so they can easily complete employment forms on the go.

You'll be able to collect the necessary information and documents within a day which gets your new hires rostered faster, and allows you to pay them as soon as their first shift ends.

How to use it 🤓

Click here to read more about how to use it. During BETA, we're offering unlimited FREE onboards, normally £8 (excl. VAT) one-off fee per employee onboarding.

This feature is also available in Australia.

Got feedback to share? Tell us about it here.

How to get it 🧪

For customers in the UK, this feature is available in BETA over the next week. To start using employee onboarding, go to the Add People button on the People page and select Onboard team member.

Boost your team's engagement on Deputy iPad Kiosk 💪

What's new ✨

We’ve been hearing great feedback from our customers who use Shift Pulse to create a thriving and engaged workplace for their employees. Now, we are introducing this feature to our iPad Kiosk app too - so your team can rate how they felt on their shifts, no matter where they clock out from!

Using Shift Pulse, employees can rate how they felt and leave feedback at the end of every shift. Armed with actionable insights into your team’s morale, you can help boost employee satisfaction and engagement - and make the next shift better. 

How to get it 🧪

If your business already uses this feature, there is nothing you have to do and the feature will roll out to you over the coming weeks. 

If your business is new to Shift Pulse

  1. As a System Administrator, you should be able to access Business Settings on web. Click your name in the upper right corner → ‘Business Settings’ Timesheets → Turn ON Capture Shift Engagement → Apply Changes
  2. As soon as your employees clock out from their shift, they should be able to see the Shift Pulse™ survey and leave anonymous feedback. As a System Administrator or Location Manager, you can find results of these surveys on the Engagement dashboard under Reports on web or under the Home tab on mobile.

Prevent buddy punching and timecard fraud with Geofence

What's new ✨

Worry no more about buddy punching and timecard fraud with Deputy's new Geofence experience.

Geofence now offers more than just viewing the locations of team members who clock in via the Deputy mobile apps, including giving managers the choice to:

  • Block team members from clocking in on mobile when they are too far away from their scheduled work location
  • Set up notifications when team members clock in on mobile from too far away from their scheduled work location

Note: Deputy does not track any user's location outside the clocking on and clocking off action on their mobile devices.

Why 🤔

"Hey, can you clock in for me? I'll be there in 10 minutes." Timecard fraud is costly to your business, so we wanted to give your managers more options when it comes to worker transparency.

How to use it 🤓

Click here to read more about how to use it

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Bulk update location settings - work smart, not hard!

What's new ✨

Deputy is bringing you the ability to bulk update the settings for multiple Locations in one, easy step. 

Users can now make use of the "Copy Settings" functionality, which is found on the Locations screen via a drop down next to the settings of each location. Timecard, Scheduling, and Operating Hours settings from one location can be copied to multiple or all other locations, in one easy bulk update.

Why 🤔

Keeping your Locations correctly configured can be a time-consuming task, especially if you manage lots and lots of locations. We hope that this feature lets you independently manage your Locations quickly and easily, saving you time and effort.

How to use it 🤓

This feature can be used by simply navigating to the Location page in your Deputy account, clicking the dropdown to the right of any Location in your businesses, and selecting "Copy settings". From there, you can select what type of settings (Operating hours, Scheduling, Timesheets) and to which Locations you would like to copy it to. Easy as that!

To learn more, please visit our Help article on copying Location settings.

How to get it 🧪

This feature is progressively rolling out to all customers, and will be available in your instance soon.

iOS Goodies! Live Cards on Home and Today Widget📱

Since introducing the new Home on mobile, we have continued to uplift our mobile apps to give you a better experience and more functionality on the go. Here are some updates we've made to our iOS app. 

What's new ✨

Live Shifts card ⛅️ - Get a quick glance of upcoming shifts on the Home tab.

Live Time Off card ⛱ - Get a quick glance of future time off, both approved and unapproved, on the Home tab.

Today widget 📆 - Introducing Deputy’s first iOS widget! Managers can now use the Deputy Today widget to keep track of what’s going on in their workplace. See who’s on shift, on break, late and scheduled to work, directly from your iPhone or iPad home screen

How to get it 🧪

To get the Today widget on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Make sure the Deputy app is installed, and that you are logged in. This widget is available for iOS and iPadOS versions 14+.
  2. Follow the steps below to add the Deputy widget to your device. 

3. Press and hold on a blank space on your device home screen. Then tap on the top left corner to access the widgets menu. 

4. On the widgets menu, search for Deputy, and choose your preferred widget size.

For more information, see Apple’s help docs on how to add widgets to your iPhone or iPad.

If you manage multiple businesses and would like the Today widget to display another business: press and hold the widget →  tap ‘Edit widget’ → tap ‘Business’ and select the business you want to see. 

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