An entirely new ADP Workforce Now Integration!

What's new ✨

  • Entirely new people import - You can now easily import your team, map locations, sync leave balance and more. 
  • A best in class timesheet export - We’ve rebuilt our payroll export, making it super simple to get your timesheets over to ADP WFN. No more export codes, just map your pay rates to your ADP earnings codes!
  • A new look - we’ve packaged these changes into a new, shiny, highly configurable experience. 

Why? 🤔

  • At Deputy, we’ve been revamping our fleet of integrations to minimise work needed to keep systems in sync. These new changes will allow you to easily keep your team member information accurate, as well as reduce the time needed to get timesheets over to ADP!

Feedback 🤓

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How to get it 🧪

  • If you’ve been using the old workforce now people sync, you’ll need to disconnect and reconnect your integration to see the new experience. Request to be migrated here
  • If you're a new ADP People Sync user, learn how to connect here
  • Our new payroll integration is in beta and slowly rolling out to all users. Request to be part of the beta here!

Upgraded Employee Schedule Views

What's new ✨

  • Upgraded Employee Schedules - Week, 2 week, 4 week and month employee view schedules have been redesigned and rebuilt
  • Performance - Upgrading the technology behind the schedules can result in a much faster scheduling experience for Deputy customers
  • New Design - A more consistent scheduling experience no matter what scheduling view you like to use most 

The new employee schedule view

The new schedule employee view

At a glance, stacked shifts can show that an employee has multiple items, from shifts through to leave

Shift popovers allow you to reschedule shifts via drag and drop with ease

Why 🤔

As part of Deputy's ongoing work to provide a faster, better scheduling experience, these upgrades offer a better experience from day one but also allow us to provide exciting new features like agreed hours with many more to come

Feedback 🤓

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How to get it 🧪

This feature is still in BETA & will roll out to all accounts over the coming weeks.

If you are interested in joining our exclusive BETA program for this, please register your interest by hitting 'Get me in'.

Labor Model Improvements - Permission settings & Bulk actions

Labor model feature has been improved to be more flexible and easily managed in the centralized Business Insights!
What's new ✨

  • Administrators can restrict who can manage the labor models via Business Settings now.
    • Can View/Run Labor Model : Users who have been assigned with this permission will only be able to read and run the labor models that have been set up for them.
    • Can Modify/Delete Labor Model:  Users who have been assigned with this permission will have the full power to manage (add/edit/delete/copy) labor models in their managed locations.    
    • For users who have neither of those 2 permissions,  they will not be able to see Labor models in Business Insights.
    • Enterprise customers can also set those permissions in the Employee Role app.
  • We also introduced Bulk Actions for labor model.
    • Bulk Delete will allow managers to delete selected labor models by one click.
    • Bulk Copy will enable managers to easily duplicate selected labor models from one location to other locations.

Why 🤔

Labor model is a powerful tool that will help you to make data driven decisions for your scheduling which will make a big impact on your business performance.

With the new permissions and bulk actions in place, you can manage your labor models in one centralized location and easily duplicate to other locations by your authorized managers only.

How to use it 🤓

Click here to read more about how to use it

Got feedback to share? Go to Deputy > Help > Give us feedback

Create your own Employee Onboarding questions

What's new ✨

You can now create and ask your own Employee onboarding questions to suit your business needs.

The current onboarding form collects basic personal, banking and tax information, but what if you need to collect other important business-specific questions from your new hire? 

For example “have you had a workers' compensation claim?”, “what’s your uniform size?”, “do you have a preferred location?”.. the options are endless.

Why 🤔

Keep it all within Deputy - you won’t need to use a separate system to collect and store additional information about your team members. 

Unique & flexible - the flexibility to ask any question that might be specific to the business, whether it’s a short answer, Yes/No or multiple choice

Reusable - create it once and the questions will be included in all new onboards

How to use it 🤓

Click here to read more about how to use it

Got feedback to share? Submit it here.

How to get it 🧪

This feature will be progressively rolled out to all customers in the next week.

Improved NetSuite Integration now available

What's new ✨

Deputy Premium and Enterprise now integrate directly from within NetSuite.

  • Synchronise your NetSuite employees - Add and update employees directly in Deputy from NetSuite and vice versa.
  • Import Timesheet data - From NetSuite, you are now able to import timesheet data directly for processing in NetSuite SuitePeople.
  • Import Deputy Locations and Pay Rates - Import Locations and Pay Rates to apply them directly to your new or existing employees in SuitePeople and have that synchronise back to Deputy automatically.


NetSuite is popular with some of the larger Deputy customers and prospects but has never really had an easy-to-set-up integration before. A more in-depth integration makes it easier than ever to get timesheet data across to NetSuite, ready to pay your employees.

How to use it

The improved integration can now be installed directly from the Suite Apps marketplace in NetSuite.

Go paperless & onboard new hires with our new UK Employee Onboarding experience

What's new ✨ Enterprise accounts - coming next month!

Customers in the UK can now invite new hires to complete their own details to self onboard! The following information can be completed by the team member directly to Deputy:

  • Personal and emergency contact
  • Bank information for direct deposit pay
  • New starter form, including national insurance number, student loan and P45
  • Right to work details

Need more documents from new starters? You can request important documents like training certifications / licences and send out employment forms like company handbooks and contracts to capture digital signatures from your new hires, which they can provide in Deputy, using any device.

Why 🤔

Give your new hires a great first impression by simplifying and digitising the onboarding experience so they can easily complete employment forms on the go.

You'll be able to collect the necessary information and documents within a day which gets your new hires rostered faster, and allows you to pay them as soon as their first shift ends.

How to use it 🤓

Click here to read more about how to use it. During BETA, we're offering unlimited FREE onboards, normally £8 (excl. VAT) one-off fee per employee onboarding.

This feature is also available in Australia.

Got feedback to share? Tell us about it here.

How to get it 🧪

For customers in the UK, this feature is available in BETA over the next week. To start using employee onboarding, go to the Add People button on the People page and select Onboard team member.

[Enterprise Only] Refreshed People Profile!

What's new ✨

Who doesn’t love a fresh new look? The People tab and employee profiles have a new look and feel. We have redesigned it for better navigation and so you can find & edit the information you need quicker. We’ve also reorganised and decluttered a few existing sections:

  • Profile includes personal details, employment details (where they work, training, pay, working hours), journals
  • Scheduling will have everything related to shifts, unavailability and leave
  • Activity includes news feed

Why 🤔

We've revamped the experience to give a faster, more intuitive experience to users, with improved workflow and a 'what you see is what you edit' philosophy, reducing the clicks you need to see your data.

How to use it 🤓

The Help Articles below are easy to follow and guide you through the new experience:

Welcome to the New Employee Experience (Enterprise!)

Enterprise People tab

How to set up pay details for your employees in the people tab [Enterprise] 

How to get it 🧪

This feature is  in BETA, however you can opt in now via our new self-serve option!`

This is accessible to system administrators through Business Settings -> Upcoming Features, and will activate for your entire account.

Sales Per Hour in Business Insights

What's new ✨ 

In early 2020, Deputy introduced the business goal metric Labor percentage to help manage your labor cost with the Sales to get more profit.

We know however that for businesses to run optimally and smart 😎, it’s also crucial for managers to improve the efficiency of their business by gaining insight into employee productivity.

So we are excited to introduce a new business goal metric - Sales Per Hour (SPH).

This can be accessed within Business Insights Summary and viewable as:

  • Forecast/Budgeted SPH :  Deputy Forecast Sales / Budgeted Hours
  • Scheduled SPH :  Forecast Sales / Scheduled Shifts’ Hours
  • Actual SPH:  Actual Sales / Actual Timesheets’ Hours

Business Insights with “Sales per hour” in place will help you:

  • Understand how your business is performing by observing key metrics day by day , week by week,  or month by month
  • Share the budgeted Sales per hour as a business goal with your team for increased productivity and planning out schedules accordingly.
  • Make scheduling adjustments during the day by comparing Scheduled vs. Actual vs. Budgeted SPH to either reduce or increase the labor demand.
  • Last thing, you can choose either one or both of Labor % and SPH to monitor and optimize your business performance in BI Summary.

How to use it 🤓

Read more about how to use Business Insights here

Got feedback to share? Go to Deputy > Help > Give us feedback or simply book a 30 mins meeting with us

Quickly view and filter onboarding status 👀

Want to quickly see who you’ve sent an onboarding invitation to? Or who’s completed their onboarding and awaiting approval? You can now easily filter based on your team member’s onboarding status.

What's new ✨

In the People tab, use the filter to see all employees who are at a specific stage of the onboarding! With the new filter, you can select Awaiting onboarding approval and see who’s onboarding details are ready to be reviewed and added to payroll!

Click here to read more about it.

Kiosk apps running on iOS 12 devices will no longer receive updates

What's new ✨

From March 2022, businesses using Apple devices running iOS 12 will no longer be able to download new updates of the Deputy Kiosk app. 

Why 🤔

Apple continuously releases features that make developing apps simpler, quicker, more reliable and secure. Supporting devices that run iOS 13+ means we will have all these benefits as we improve the Kiosk app. 

It will also allow us to release the Shift Pulse (team engagement) feature to the Kiosk app 🙂😐☹️

Things to note ☝️

  • Existing businesses with a device on iOS 12 will still be able to use the current version of the Kiosk app installed & there will be no downtime on the older versions as we go through this transition. However, it will no longer be supported via our help channels. We strongly encourage you to upgrade to iOS 13+ if supported by your device.
  • Users on iOS 13+ will continue to receive new versions of the iOS Kiosk app as we make updates.
  • This does not affect the Android Time Clock app.
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