Schedule Importer now supports Rest Breaks 🍫

Deputy customers that are on our Enterprise product love our Importer Wizard which gives them the ability to bulk upload data such as Employees, Areas, Schedules, Sales Data.

Schedule Importer supports Rest Breaks

Schedule importer now supports uploading rest breaks that are duration-based. This will still be optional but now you can bulk upload schedules with rest breaks 😃

Read more here.

Employee profile mini makeover

What's new

  • Fullscreen employee profilethe modal will now fill up the screen because bigger is better. Giving you a lot more room to amend the critical details of your staff
  • Pay rates & leave tab (Premium accounts only) - in edit mode, the 'Pay rates & leave' tab has been renamed to 'Employment details' and there's top navigation to section out pay rates and leave entitlements


This is the first step to the new and improved employee profile modal that will house new features and a design revamp - exciting things coming soon for the employee profile!

Don't worry, you can still edit and manage your employees the same as before.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion updates

What's new

1. Preferred name in employee profiles to allow staff to be represented by the name they feel most comfortable with - read the help guide 

2. Removing the gender field to ensure staff don’t feel biased or pressured for personal, unnecessary information - read the help guide

3. Archiving employees (to replace “discard”) because people aren’t objects, and we know that words matter - read the help guide

4. Timesheet reviews for employees (coming soon) to help keep building transparency between managers and employees 

For a week, our entire organisation dedicated its time and energy towards transforming areas in our product where we can better empower diversity, equality, and inclusivity in the workforce.

To find out more about these initiatives please read our blog or refer to the help articles above.

Paying employees correctly - recalculating timesheets

What's new

  • New Global Setting > Timesheet option to recalculate timesheets:
    • Off - never recalculate the timesheets
    • Only from selected timesheet and onwards - recalculate approved timesheets that fall after the selected timesheet
    • All timesheets within applicable range - recalculate approved timesheets that fall before and after the selected timesheet


Historically when modifying timesheets or approving timesheets in non-chronological order, Deputy did not recalculate existing approved timesheets to make sure pay rules were still followed for the applicable pay period.

Read more about how it works here

Deputy just got a darker look! 😎📱

Dark Mode has arrived on our iOS and Android apps. You can now ease your eyes while using Deputy — especially in low-light settings.

The Deputy app will follow your system settings and "go dark" automatically, at the same time as your other apps.