Set up Advanced Stress Profiles from Business Settings

What's new

Non-Enterprise customers can also set the advanced stress profile via Business Settings. This feature will be rolled out to everyone in the next 3 days.

  • Access advanced stress profiles via Business Settings: Managers can access their stress profiles under the “People” tab via “Business Settings”.

  • View/Create/Update stress profiles in one place When managers access the stress profile via Business Settings, they will be able to create new custom stress profiles or view/update existing stress profiles too.


Advanced stress profiles is an essential tool not only for Enterprise customers, but also for Non-Ent SMB customers to efficiently manage their employee’s schedules to ensure themselves to be aligned with labor compliance standards etc.

How to use it

Read more about how to view/set the stress profiles here

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iOS Mobile: Invite Your Team From Payroll 📱

What's new

  • Invite your team from your Payroll/HR software - login to your payroll or HR software, choose the employees you want to invite and invite them to Deputy!
  • Supported integrations - Xero, Gusto, Quickbooks + more coming soon


Deputy knows that many businesses run their operations on mobile and we want to make it easier for you to get set up on Deputy. You already have your team's information in another system so we use that to make adding your team easier so you need to do double entry. 

How to use it

Available to all customers on iOS Deputy App version 9.0.2 or later. 

Your integration not supported? Let us know by going to Deputy > Help > Give us feedback

Changes to Enabling Support Access

What's new

Enabling support access will now give you an option to give access for a set duration. These periods can be: 

  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 4 weeks
  • Indefinitely


In order to protect your business, your employees and your data, we've made support access expire so that you don't have to remember to turn it off once we've helped you through an issue. 

We want your explicit consent every time we access your account to support you so that you are in full control of who does and doesn't have access to your account. 

When will I see this change?

  • Customers who sign up after 10th Feb 2021 
    • Support access will be enabled by default for 4 weeks
  • Premium customers who signed up before 10th Feb 2021
    • If you have support access enabled, this will automatically transition to the 4 week timer starting the 17th Feb
  • Enterprise customers who signed up before 10th Feb 2021
  • If you have support access enabled, this will automatically transition to the 4 week timer starting the 24th Feb

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Introducing Deputy's new look and feel ✨

Wherever you choose to use Deputy, from your desktop or preferred device, you’ll experience a fresh, new look and feel as we make the most exciting update to our brand yet. You and your team will see a new logo, a new colour palette, and a refreshed experience roll out across Deputy in the product, on our website, and through all our communications. 

What's new ✨

Our logo and app icons
First thing you'll notice is our new logo and updated app icons.

Schedule improvements
We've worked to modernise the schedule tab: removing unnecessary lines, adding a little extra spacing and generally tidying up a bit. As part of these updates we've simplified the shift status colours: unpublished shifts are now grey, and empty shifts are white. 

Refreshed web app
Across the web app you'll see our updated colour palette (now with added contrast to meet accessibility guidelines), icons and components.

Mobile apps
The updated colour palette and icons continue through our mobile app creating a consistent experience wherever you're using Deputy.

And of course, everybody's favourite... dark mode 🦇🌚

Kiosk and time clock apps
Last but not least, we've our Kiosk and Time clock

What isn't new 😅

It's important to note, the way you use Deputy hasn't changed. These updates are purely a visual update across our product.

Why 🤔

We are changing our logo and the visual look and feel of the product to better represent our customers, the Deputy team that sits behind the product, and our vision for the future of shift workers globally. You can learn more about the reason behind our brand refresh here.

Feedback 💬

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Please use this form to share your feedback directly with our product and design teams.

Kounta integration rebranded to Lightspeed Kounta

What's new

  • Kounta logos updated - All Kounta logos have been updated to Lightspeed logos
  • Kounta names updated - All Kounta references have been updated to Lightspeed Kounta


We wanted to ensure our customers aren't getting confused due to the Lightspeed's acquisition and rebranding of Kounta 

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Attach files to Locations 📎

What's new

You will now be able to attach files to your Locations in Deputy. This will help you provide additional context for your staff carrying out their shift.

1. Attach images & pdf documents 📄- Attach up to 5 files (images & pdfs) to each location. We have also increased the character limit of location notes to 5,000.

2. Attachment privacy 🔐- Location attachments can be visible to all staff or just managers.

3. View location notes & attachments on the go📱- Location notes & attachments can be viewed by staff while on shift on both our iOS and Android mobile apps.


  • Locations are central to how our customer use & setup Deputy. We are striving to help your staff have all the necessary information to do their best work.

How to use it

Update Location notes and upload attachments to Location via Deputy web and view on the web or mobile apps. Click here to read more about how to use it.

Save time adding your team to Deputy by sharing a link! ✨🔗

What's new

We've introduced a simple way to get your team onto Deputy - the new Invite link feature allows managers to share a unique link with your team, enabling them to create their own profiles instead of needing to enter them yourself!

It's as simple as:

  1. Share 🔗  - share your unique link with your team into the social or messaging apps you already use
  2. Create📱 - staff follow the link to create their account and a request is sent for your approval
  3. Approve ✅  - view and approve pending requests on Deputy to add your team and start scheduling!


  • We found that most managers already have their team on their phone, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Groups or iMessage... but there was never an easy way to get them into Deputy. 💬
  • And sometimes you don’t always have their email address on hand and yet we ask you for it in order to invite them to Deputy. 🙅🏻‍♀️

How to use it

It's available on our Deputy mobile apps📱 as well as on our website💻. Click here to read more about how to use it.

Monthly Scheduling by Area on Web 🗓

We are excited to introduce the Monthly Scheduling by Area on our web-app!

We are looking to help you with:

Coverage⛑ At a glance view of whether you have enough coverage in the critical areas of your organisation

Schedules in Advance👩🏽‍⚕️ Staff have predictable schedules that they receive well in advance

Leave & Unavailability🧘🏾‍♀️ Quickly view who is on leave or unavailable in a month view

Auto-Schedule with Ease 🎩 Setup your required staff for each area and simply tap a button, month of schedules done, it’s magic

Everything else you love with all our existing views including Stats, Business Insights, Print support!

Assign shifts to remote job sites with Site Scheduling

What's new
  • Support Remote Workers - Now you can assign a remote job site to a shift and schedule employees to do work at that job site quickly, reducing the operational workload for the Deputy scheduling manager.
  • Remote Job Sites - Add an address to an Area - set up your business hierarchy in Deputy quickly and easily to meet the needs of businesses with remote job sites.
  • Data Accuracy - Clock in or out from the Area address - time is tracked accurately and workers can be held accountable based on their location when clocking in/out.
  • Accurate Reporting - Report on job site locations and clock-ins/outs - audit capability to ensure workers are where they said they were when on the clock.
  • Location Accuracy - Monitor employee location relative to their job site and alert the manager if too far away - monitor employee location to ensure workers are where they are supposed to be when on the clock.
  • Business Owners looking to schedule remote employees require an easy way to direct their employees to these remote job sites. 
  • When employees are required to go to multiple remote job sites in a day, week, or month, it can be onerous on the Deputy scheduling manager to create new Locations and assign the employees to the new Location, create the correct Areas of work, and start scheduling.
  • Now, businesses can better schedule their remote or field-based workforce, through allocating different shifts to different addresses.
How does it work?

1. Adding an Area address
  •             Toggle “YES” for the new field “Does this area have it’s own address?” when editing an existing Area or creating a new one, in both the Schedule tab and Locations tab
  •              Start typing an address in the new address field and select the matched address from the automatically populated list
  •              Update the Area address using the map view for more precise selection - great for large worksites, malls, arenas, warehouses, etc.
2. Scheduling a shift and clocking in/out 
  •             Scheduling managers select the Area for the shift as normal. You can see which Areas have an address by checking for the map pin icon next to the Area name in the Schedule view and Locations tab
  •             Employees clock in/out on iOS and Android devices as normal
  •             New details about the shift’s address are displayed in the Shift Details
  •             Driving directions are available to the Area address under Shift Details

3. Measuring the shift accuracy
  •             Timesheets have been updated to show the map view using the Area address 
  •             The Deputy extension “Clocking Far Away From Location >Alert Manager” has been updated to use the Area address
  •             The report “Employee Timesheet Locations” has been updated to use the Area address
Follow our help guide for more details on how to configure and use Site Scheduling.

New Australian Payroll Integration - CloudPayroll / iPayroll with Awards and Leave

What's new

Deputy has released a new version of the CloudPayroll / iPayroll timesheet export application. The new version now includes:

  • Timesheets with breakdown of award-based pay
  • Leave timesheets

How does it work

Ensure that you have set up pay rates set up correctly on CloudPayroll / iPayroll, read the setup guide

  1. Approve timesheets to export.
  2. Go to Export Timesheets.
  3. Check that the Pay Rate Export Code matches the corresponding Payment Code in CloudPayroll / iPayroll.
  4. Press "Export Selected Items" 
  5. Find CloudPayroll / iPayroll V2 in the dropdown of payroll applications.
  6. Click "Export"
  7. Download the file and upload into CloudPayroll / iPayroll.
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