Save time adding your team to Deputy by sharing a link! ✨🔗

What's new

We've introduced a simple way to get your team onto Deputy - the new Invite link feature allows managers to share a unique link with your team, enabling them to create their own profiles instead of needing to enter them yourself!

It's as simple as:

  1. Share 🔗  - share your unique link with your team into the social or messaging apps you already use
  2. Create📱 - staff follow the link to create their account and a request is sent for your approval
  3. Approve ✅  - view and approve pending requests on Deputy to add your team and start scheduling!


  • We found that most managers already have their team on their phone, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Groups or iMessage... but there was never an easy way to get them into Deputy. 💬
  • And sometimes you don’t always have their email address on hand and yet we ask you for it in order to invite them to Deputy. 🙅🏻‍♀️

How to use it

It's available on our Deputy mobile apps📱 as well as on our website💻. Click here to read more about how to use it.

Monthly Scheduling by Area on Web 🗓

We are excited to introduce the Monthly Scheduling by Area on our web-app!

We are looking to help you with:

Coverage⛑ At a glance view of whether you have enough coverage in the critical areas of your organisation

Schedules in Advance👩🏽‍⚕️ Staff have predictable schedules that they receive well in advance

Leave & Unavailability🧘🏾‍♀️ Quickly view who is on leave or unavailable in a month view

Auto-Schedule with Ease 🎩 Setup your required staff for each area and simply tap a button, month of schedules done, it’s magic

Everything else you love with all our existing views including Stats, Business Insights, Print support!

Assign shifts to remote job sites with Site Scheduling

What's new
  • Support Remote Workers - Now you can assign a remote job site to a shift and schedule employees to do work at that job site quickly, reducing the operational workload for the Deputy scheduling manager.
  • Remote Job Sites - Add an address to an Area - set up your business hierarchy in Deputy quickly and easily to meet the needs of businesses with remote job sites.
  • Data Accuracy - Clock in or out from the Area address - time is tracked accurately and workers can be held accountable based on their location when clocking in/out.
  • Accurate Reporting - Report on job site locations and clock-ins/outs - audit capability to ensure workers are where they said they were when on the clock.
  • Location Accuracy - Monitor employee location relative to their job site and alert the manager if too far away - monitor employee location to ensure workers are where they are supposed to be when on the clock.
  • Business Owners looking to schedule remote employees require an easy way to direct their employees to these remote job sites. 
  • When employees are required to go to multiple remote job sites in a day, week, or month, it can be onerous on the Deputy scheduling manager to create new Locations and assign the employees to the new Location, create the correct Areas of work, and start scheduling.
  • Now, businesses can better schedule their remote or field-based workforce, through allocating different shifts to different addresses.
How does it work?

1. Adding an Area address
  •             Toggle “YES” for the new field “Does this area have it’s own address?” when editing an existing Area or creating a new one, in both the Schedule tab and Locations tab
  •              Start typing an address in the new address field and select the matched address from the automatically populated list
  •              Update the Area address using the map view for more precise selection - great for large worksites, malls, arenas, warehouses, etc.
2. Scheduling a shift and clocking in/out 
  •             Scheduling managers select the Area for the shift as normal. You can see which Areas have an address by checking for the map pin icon next to the Area name in the Schedule view and Locations tab
  •             Employees clock in/out on iOS and Android devices as normal
  •             New details about the shift’s address are displayed in the Shift Details
  •             Driving directions are available to the Area address under Shift Details

3. Measuring the shift accuracy
  •             Timesheets have been updated to show the map view using the Area address 
  •             The Deputy extension “Clocking Far Away From Location >Alert Manager” has been updated to use the Area address
  •             The report “Employee Timesheet Locations” has been updated to use the Area address
Follow our help guide for more details on how to configure and use Site Scheduling.

New Australian Payroll Integration - CloudPayroll / iPayroll with Awards and Leave

What's new

Deputy has released a new version of the CloudPayroll / iPayroll timesheet export application. The new version now includes:

  • Timesheets with breakdown of award-based pay
  • Leave timesheets

How does it work

Ensure that you have set up pay rates set up correctly on CloudPayroll / iPayroll, read the setup guide

  1. Approve timesheets to export.
  2. Go to Export Timesheets.
  3. Check that the Pay Rate Export Code matches the corresponding Payment Code in CloudPayroll / iPayroll.
  4. Press "Export Selected Items" 
  5. Find CloudPayroll / iPayroll V2 in the dropdown of payroll applications.
  6. Click "Export"
  7. Download the file and upload into CloudPayroll / iPayroll.

New U.S. Payroll Integration - Export timesheets to Zenefits

What’s New 
US-based Deputy customers will be able to seamlessly export Deputy timesheets directly into Zenefits for the purposes of payroll.

Zenefits is a fast growing US-based payroll platform that helps businesses manage their people with ease. 

How does it work?

  1. Approve timesheets to export
  2. Go to Export Timesheets 
  3. Find Zenefits Payroll Export in the dropdown of payroll applications 
  4. Connect your Zenefits account by pressing the "Sync with Zenefits" button
  5. Press "Export"
Follow our help guide to read more about setting up Zenefits for you Deputy account.

Create Open Shifts With Manager Approval

What's new

Scheduling Managers can now create Open Shifts with Manager Approval. 

As a manager you can now create an Open shift and allow your employees to request that shift. 

Once all the requests are in, you’ll will now be able to approve based on the most suitable employee for that shift. 

Open Shift provides the ability for manager to fill shifts based on first in best dressed. 

However, with the new Open Shift with Approval feature provides managers better control over selecting the most suitable employee for a shift based on shift cost, hours worked and or in order of request.

How does it work?

Create and approve Open Shift with approval in three simple steps:

1. Create an Open Shift requiring approval

2. View and select employees who requested shift

3. Approve shift based on employee shift cost, hours or those that were first to request

For a full help guide including instructions for iOS and Android, head to our help guide.

COVID-19 Return to Work - Reports

What's new

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, these reports aim to alleviate business stresses around the need to quickly adapt to new health & safety procedures. 

The following two reports are now available for all customers:

  1. Shift Questions - Employee Responses report 📒
  2. Contact Tracing report 👩🏽‍⚕️

Businesses are still operating in high-risk environments so there’s a need to have traceability & audit of employee contact and their health conditions.


Shift Questions - Employee Responses report
  • A report that clearly displays all the employee responses to the Shift Questions that were asked when on shift.

Contact Tracing report
  • Easily trace who your unwell employee has been in contact with during their shift
  • 3 quick filters that help you determine the impact radius by business, location or area
  • Get in touch quickly with the potentially impacted employees with their phone numbers and emails clearly listed


  • Shift Questions - Employee Responses report - Report Builder for all accounts
  • Contact Tracing report - Reports tab there’s a new report widget for non-enterprise. For Enterprise it will be listed as a new report in ‘Reports > Miscellaneous’ section.

To get additional support, read our help guide 🧐

Stay safe with Deputy’s Touchless Clock In - now on Android!

What's new

You asked, we've listened! Touchless Clock In is now available for our Android Time Clock app. A way for employees to clock in and out of their shifts without having to touch the kiosk device 🚫✋


  • Limits contact exposure between employees during clock-in and out procedure and contamination of device
  • Demonstrable example for your business to show your increasing vigilance around hygiene
  • Faster and simpler clock-in process for employees
  • Eliminates time spent on forgotten PINs
  • Ensures accurate and indisputable time and attendance reporting
  • No need to purchase specialised hardware or add-ons

How does it work?

Enabled by the combination of facial recognition and voice commands, employees simply:

  1. Walk up to the time clock device
  2. Hold still and smile for the camera 🤳🏼
  3. Clearly state one of the following voice commands: “Start shift”, “End shift”, “Start break” or “End break” and they're done!

How do I turn this feature on?

Visit our help guide to find out more.

What if I have an iPad device?

The kiosk touchless experience is already available to iPad users! Simple download our iOS Kiosk app and find out how to get set up on our help guide.

Shift Questions

Whats New?
Employers can now ask Custom Questions on Clock In.

There are a variety of reasons you may require an employee to record information at the start of their shift. This feature will allow you to:

  • Keep the workplace healthy - prior to each shift worked, employers are able to record a response to whether an employee is experiencing COVID symptoms to protect them from the liability of having employees exposed to the virus.
  • Attest why an employee may be late - configure a question which employees must attest to in the scenario where there is worked time which is in variation to their rostered time, the attestation (or lack thereof) drives payment known as predictability pay.
  • Protocol checks - do you have the right tools or uniform for the job, did you follow the correct procedures required to start your job

How does it work?
We have added the ability to configure a custom timesheet field so that the questions can appear on

  • clock on
  • clock off
  • during shift
In addition, we have also introduced the ability to block clocking into a shift and/or notify a manager depending on an employee’s response. This will enable you to have a workflow in place for an employee clocking in if they are breaching policy (e.g fever, sick, etc). Blocking and notifying upon clock in is compatible with the true/false field types.

Read more on How to set up Shift Questions in our help guide.

What else do I need to do?
The following mobile and tablet app versions are compatible with this feature (please update to the latest version)

Kiosk - 4.5.3 and later
Android Time Clock 0.4.0 and later
iOS - 7.7.6 and later
Android - 7.3.2 and later

Feedback? Log into Deputy on web and Give us feedback on how we can make this feature better for you.